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How does Face of Interest work?

The process is simple ... First, you join a community of end users, each of whom can send and receive alerts of criminal behaviour in your community, such as the example given on the left. You join a community by nominating those with whom you would like to share your alerts. You might choose to nominate a similar business or franchise or simply by location, such as street name or zip code. If someone commits a crime in your workplace their image is cut and pasted onto our database, accompanied by supporting details from the drop-down menus you select. This information includes descriptors of the subject, such as height, weight, gender, hair colour, age and ethnicity.

Once the image of the offender has been forwarded as an alert everyone will be aware of that offender and will be able to keep an eye out for them. Should that offender enter the premises of the community on alert, they will be recognised and special attention paid to them, in order to prevent them from committing further crimes.

In addition to this, a quick phone call to security or police might result in this person's apprehension and the recovery of any stolen goods. It is possible for security to receive alerts, too, meaning that they can be on the lookout for the subject. If they observe them entering a vehicle, the registration can be recorded and handed to the police. If the subject enters public transport the transport provider can also be notified.

In short, that offender is now operating within an ever-tightening net.

Faces of Interest offers visibility to trends in incidents and augmented protection, which leads to more secure environments. Benefits include…

  • real-time alerts about high-risk individuals .
  • prevention via heightened customer service (staff become proactive rather than reactive to incidents).
  • visibility across all property boundaries, including car parks; reduce damage or theft via offender licence plate capture, etc.