About us

Why We Exist

Face of Interest exists because crime does! We came into being because of the huge outcry in the public for ways to STOP CRIME.

For too long YOU, business owner, retail operator, public transport provider or organisations within the public sector, have been subjected to criminal behaviour and have had no safe and effective ways to prevent or even reduce this massive problem. Well, NOW YOU DO!!

The Face of Interest database, alert system and chat forum make it possible for criminal behaviour to be substantially reduced, creating safer areas within which to live, to travel, to do business and to go about your daily activities. For a tiny monthly subscription your business can be involved in helping to fight crime to make yours a safer community.

To create the world’s largest community information network on crime. To assist civilian organisations in reducing the impact crime has on their businesses. To give power back to people who would do the right thing with it.

People have had enough of crime. At FOI we envision a world where the everyday person can reduce crime through the formation of communities of like-minded individuals and the intelligent use of technology.
We imagine the creation of "Purple Zones" ... whole districts where crime has been reduced to negligible levels; shopping centres where crime has no impact on our ability to shop and conduct business; parks, gardens and beaches where people can take their families free from the worry of aberrant behaviour ...
... schools where our children can grow and learn and play without their safety being an issue; streets where people can walk without looking over their shoulders; public transport where our freedom to travel in peace is not disrupted by those with criminal or anti-social motivations; homes and cars not constantly under threat of theft or damage.
This is possible and it starts right here and now ... with YOU!!