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A sure-fire way to assist police in not only fighting crime, but preventing it, is by working as a community and sharing valuable information. Businesses can benefit from joining forces, in a bid to reduce incidents, by making it difficult for individual criminals and organised crime syndicates.

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Watch the video to see how Face Of Interest is revolutionising the reporting of criminal activity.

The likelihood of being caught is the greatest deterrent to crime, NOT the severity of the punishment. The Face of Interest system makes it far more likely that an offender will be apprehended, thus serving as a powerful deterrent. Put simply, if offenders know an organisation has Face of Interest, they will decide to commit their crimes elsewhere.

In the event of a crime being committed against one of our members, that member forwards an alert to other users within their community, advising of the presence of an offender. Images and description information of the offender accompany the alert. Having had their awareness raised, other community members are less likely to become the victims of crime and the offender is trapped in their network.

With images and intelligence now circulating throughout the user community the chances of the offender being identified are now dramatically increased. In addition, our Facial Recognition Software compares the offender’s image with the other images stored in the system and links that offender with other crimes. Police are now one step away from apprehending the offender.

When FOI community members are alerted about a crime, they can raise the level of awareness of their staff, in case the offender attends at their premises. If the offender appears, several safety measures can be implemented to prevent them from committing new crimes, including alerting security and police or simply providing the subject with extra-attentive service.